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By bike, on foot, by carpooling... on the way to sustainable mobility!

For the company

No more mobility plans that stay in the drawer!'s platform on a laptop

Sustainable mobility incentive program

Create your sustainable mobility incentive campaign and define your objectives to achieve. We help you do this with our sustainable mobility recommendation engine.

Easy implementation of sustainable mobility

  • Propose your campaign to employees and automatically collect the sworn statements.
  • Control your costs according to specific criteria (per mobility, per km, per journey,...).
  • Export the automatically calculated compensation of your employees to your HRIS.
  • View and continuously optimize your actions for a more sustainable mobility.

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For employees

No more training on sustainable mobility without impact!

An employee with the application on his phone

A daily support

A simple interface for your employees to visualize their efforts on their commute. Our solution automatically identifies all modes of transportation (bicycle, carpooling, public transportation...).

A fair reward

Your employees track the CO2e not emitted on a daily basis and each month the incentive to which they are entitled.

A reinforced motivation

Your employees participate in your challenges to encourage sustainable mobility. They even improve their fitness while commuting!

For the planet

No more greenwashing! Yes to transparency!

Reliable and comprehensive impact data

For each journey, our solution calculates precisely the CO2e that will have been saved compared to the employee's initial habits. Our application transforms the journey data into a proof of sustainable mobility, which will be encrypted in our blockchain and transmitted to the employer, in exchange for a fee, and at the employee's choice. At no point do we record the exact trace of each trip.

Proof of reduced impact

Each proof of sustainable mobility used is secured and encrypted in a blockchain (token). The unfalsifiable proof of impact reduction and avoided CO2e is thus provided.

To infinity and beyond!

Much more than sustainable mobility!'s mascot disguised as buzz lightyear
  • Because we want you to go beyond the regulations, our solution allows you to manage walking and work from home!
  • Because we think of everything, you can easily manage the reimbursement of public transport, in addition to the sustainable mobility incentive program.
  • Coming Soon: health prevention campaign! (because we are always full of ideas!)

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