> Our manifesto

Manifesto for a decarbonized mobility

Mobility, a sustainable alternative

Faced with a clear statement!

The world is getting warmer

And the world is warming up due to the human activity.

In France, transportation is the first sector contributing to this impact, with 31% of greenhouse gas emissions. On the contrary of Agriculture or Building, these emissions are constantly increasing! And half of them are due to the individual car (Sources: High Council for Climate and ADEME).

Beyond sustainable development...

...and its three pillars, being economically efficient, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable, we know that rapid and profound change is needed.

A positive impact technology movement is already underway in #GreenTech, #SocialTech, #CultureTech, #TechForGood, and many #FrenchTech. Because technological innovation, in the service of sustainable growth, can be seen as one of the answers to the ecological crisis. Similarly, sustainable mobility consists of satisfying people's freedom of movement while seeking to reduce the impact of the means of transport used on the environment.

The imperative of a transition to an assumed sobriety

But let's be careful that by being more and more connected, in search of performance on a daily basis, in our homes, at work, in our travels, we only remain in the same excesses.

We only think of digital technology as ever more ubiquitous, because it is, de facto, more "intelligent". We only think of mobility as being ever faster, rather than giving time to travel.

We only think of the economy as ever more accumulative, rather than in search of a virtuous balance.

Our convictions

We believe it is urgent to change!

For an impact-driven economy

We believe that a technology at the service of society, and not of a few men, will contribute to the construction of an economy free of carbon constraints. We believe it is possible to encourage each citizen in this way, without constraining them, to work to maintain the common good by aligning individual impact and collective interest.

For the many

We believe that every individual is affected by climate change. Everyone, at their own scale, can choose whether or not to act. And in a pragmatic way, we must encourage changes in simple cases of use with a significant impact. We are thus focusing on the use of commuting mobility types, as this concerns all of us on a daily basis.

For everyone

We believe that, whatever we do, we must favour an inclusive and cooperative approach of all stakeholders in society. thus federates individuals, companies, communities and public authorities around a concrete question: how to reduce CO2e emissions on commutes?

And that change must be proven and approved!

We believe that proof of change, as an archive of what actually happened, must be at the heart of any impact reduction action. As this is the only way to have a fair and equitable approach.

To put these words into action!

Our solution

Our values

We will do it with...


Because we do not want to contribute to greenwashing! We give companies the means to be transparent in their actions, based on reliable, quality and unforgeable data. We allow individuals to be reassured about the real scope of their daily efforts.


Together, we do not want an ecology that is only punitive! We believe that change is necessary, and we also know that it is very difficult (and sometimes just impossible!) to change your habits, as an organization or as a person. On the other hand, we can all at our level contribute to change.


We all have the right to make mistakes and learn from them to grow! It starts by us ;-)