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The sustainable mobility incentive program, for whom, for what, how?

Mobility orientation law

To get out of the single-occupant car

A sustainable mobility incentive program of up to €500

  • Per year per employee.
  • Paid for by the employer.
  • For commuting journey done by bicycle, carpooling, or shared mobility services.

To finance travel expenses

  • Electrical recharging costs.
  • Carpooling expenses.
  • Bicycle maintenance expenses.

Can be combined with public transport subscriptions overall exemption limited to €600.

Transport is the 1st sector of greenhouse gas emissions in France!

With, your company can act!

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How the sustainable mobility incentive program works

The conditions of application

For which companies?

The Sustainable Mobility Incentive program is aimed at companies, EPICs, associations and local authorities. They can choose to implement it. However, it is compulsory to discuss it within the framework of the Works Council, as the topic of commuting mobility is now part of the compulsory annual negotiations in structures with more than 50 employees.

Who is concerned ?

Employees in the private sector and the civil service:

  • Employees on permanent contracts (CDI), fixed-term contracts (CDD), temporary contracts or work-study contracts, interns.
  • Civil servants and contractual agents.
  • Full-time or part-time employees.
  • People working in one or more establishments.

What modes of transportation?

  • The employee's personal bicycle, with or without electric assistance (purchase, repair and accessory equipment)
  • Carpooling or shared mobility services (car and electric scooter)
  • Public transport (other than those covered by the employer's obligation to pay 50% of the subscription fees)
  • Car-sharing services for low-emission motor vehicles (electric, rechargeable hybrid or hydrogen vehicles)

Barometre sustainable mobilities incentive program ADEME

A first deployment's mascot with a humming-bird

Encouraging initial trends

Launched in February 2020, the Sustainable Mobility incentive program barometer aims to take stock of the deployment of the sustainable mobility incentive program ten months after the first decree

  • 20% of the 1047 organizations surveyed have already deployed it. All sizes of companies are concerned, throughout France.
  • The main motivations are to encourage the use of alternatives to the solo car, to promote existing practices and to respond to employees' requests.
  • 31% of respondents were not aware of the scheme.

Encouraging the practice

Cycling and carpooling are the main forms of mobility concerned by the sustainable mobility packages implemented. Companies have chosen to encourage a lump-sum allowance conditional on practice, rather than reimbursement of expenses on presentation of receipts. The main difficulties encountered are related to the collection of evidence and legal aspects. The size of the budget envelope, the fear of an increase in HR management for receipts and the difficulties of monitoring the scheme are the main obstacles.

The sustainable mobility incentive program with

We accompany you with:

  • A total freedom to set the implementation modalities of the sustainable mobility incentive program the most adapted to your company.
  • A particular care to allow you to obtain very easily proofs of the sustainable mobilities used (bicycle, carpooling,...).
  • We are careful not to waste your time on additional administrative work!

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