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But how much a sustainable mobility solution costs?


Your first test is free!

Because nothing should hold back sustainable mobility!

Our priority is that you commit to change! That's why your sustainable mobility pilot team will cost you nothing! Start using the app for free, generate proof of mobility for up to 5 employees, assess the impact potential and budget for implementing the sustainable mobility incentive program. Then, you only pay if it works!

Once the first employees are engaged, gradually generalize to your entire organization.If you want to generate proof of mobility for more than 5 employees, it's only €6 without tax for any new employee, then €2 without tax per month.

A complete solution for managing sustainable mobility

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An offer adapted to your needs of sustainable mobility

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  • A sustainable mobility incentive campaign.
  • No limit of employees.
  • No limit of establishments.
  • One administrator.
  • 5 proofs of sustainable mobility per month.
  • Csv export for HRIS integration.

Premium offer - per employee: €6 without tax at installation + €2 without tax per month

  • No limit on the number of campaigns.
  • No limit of employees.
  • No limit of establishments.
  • No limit of administrators.
  • No limit of proofs.
  • Sustainable Mobility, Walking or Telecommuting Campaigns.
  • Proof of sustainable mobility and CO2e avoided.
  • csv export for HRIS integration.

An offer adapted to your teams! An employee leaves your company? No problem! You can easily unsubscribe him/her. With, you only pay for your employees really involved in your sustainable mobility programs.

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