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Employees in scooter and carpooling

At the origin, the Urban Lab experimentation

In order to provide concrete answers to the necessary transitions in the urban world, Paris&Co has grouped all of its activities related to urban innovation under a single brand, the Urban Lab. As part of an experiment, the solution was tested with Paris&Co employees between January 2020 and June 2021. For this purpose, the web and mobile application recorded anonymously the proofs of journeys of the "vélotaffeurs" and transformed them into "proofs of impact" of decarbonized mobility. The objective of the experimentation was to develop the technical solution (implementation of the blockchain, the web and mobile application, etc.), to test it in real conditions with feedback from beta testers and HR managers, and to identify the incentives that stimulate employees (money, contribution to ecological campaigns, etc.).

Urban Lab

A global approach to mobility with Corporate Mobilities

As a platform that simplifies the implementation and management of sustainable mobility in companies, has partnered with agencies specialized in mobility plans, such as Corporate Mobilities. Corporate Mobilities brings together expertise in mobility, data modeling and behavioral sciences. The agency creates and deploys sustainable travel policies for the three types of professional mobilities (commuting, business trips and vehicle fleets) with a triple objective:

  • Reducing costs
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Improving employees quality of life
Corporate Mobilities, a responsible blockchain has developed its platform base using Smart B technology. Start-up, shareholder of, SmartB provides impact traceability to all projects that change the economy toward sustainability. Each impact data is transformed into a digital asset (non speculative). This asset is registered on a responsible and sustainable blockchain network, and exchanged for impact financing.

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