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Want to reduce carbon emissions of your commuting journeys? Are you implementing the sustainable mobility incentive program?

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What is

Employees carpooling and's platform on a laptop

It's a digital platform monitoring sustainable mobility usage

Our platform calculates and certifies, for each journey:

  1. The type of mobility used.
  2. The CO2e avoided.
An employee with the application on his phone

A mobile app for your employees

The app records their commutting travel patterns, and involves them in reducing their carbon footprint.

allows you to do:

Set up campaigns to incentivise sustainable mobility usage.

Sustainable mobility objectives monitoring.

A fair reward according to the efforts produced.

...and much more!

See under the hood

Confidentiality and privacy respects your privacy and personal data

Employees on a scooter

We care about your employees, but their privacy is paramount!

  • Data concerning the private life of employees such as geolocation are encrypted and remain in their phone. Datas are never communicated to their company.
  • With, it is up to the employee to choose to transmit, for a fee, his proof of mobility.

The blockchain technology used by has been specially developed to be digital responsible and 100% GDPR compliant.

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Who are we?

For us, change matters!

Our influence on global warming is unequivocal. In France, transportation is the 1st sector to emit greenhouse gases (31%), half of which is due to private car*.

We believe in a seamless transition to an impact-driven economy. We know that it is urgent to change, and that it is also very difficult! But we believe in it!

*Source: High Council for the Climate 2021 Annual Report.

Our manifesto
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